Listening Post

Pass it Down(2006)1: Reels – John Reel (comp: M.P) / Lord MacDonald’s/Lucy Campbell’s

2: Reels – The Road To Kingston (comp: M.P)/the Red Light(comp: M.P)/Kitchen Sync (comp: D. Gillis)

3: Jig/Slip Jigs – Tinkov’s (comp: M.P)/Fisher’s/Farewell to Whalley Range (comp:M.McGoldrick)

4: Reel – Paddy Canny’s Toast (comp:C.Lennon)/The Six String (comp:M.P)

5: Jigs – Tobin’s Favorite/Andy DeJarlis’/Liz Carroll’s (comp:M.P)

6: Reels – Miss Thorton’s/ Bonny Anne, The Reprobate (comp: D.O’Connell)

7: Hornpipe (clog)/Jig/Reel – Golden Eagle/Munster Bacon/Lanctot’s Favorite (comp:M.P)

8: Reels РReel St-Jean/Reel a Ti-M̩ (comp: M. Messervier)

9: Hambo/Waltz – Hambo for Marc and Andrea (comp:S. Custer)/ Ruth’s Waltz (comp:P.Simmons)

10: Reels – return to Camden town/ Mama’s Pet/Silver Spear

11: Jig/Reels – Scotsman Over The Border/Lads of Laois/O’Connell’s Living Room (comp:M.P)/McLeod’sFarewell (comp:D.Shaw)